"Marigolds," is a short story about a girl named Lizabeth. She is growing up in poverty, and the kids in her neighborhood wander the streets while their parents work. Lizabeth feels like she might be getting too old to be playing with the younger kids but she lets it go. One day, for fun, the kids decide to taunt a lady named Miss Lottie. Miss Lottie lived in the most run down house of them all, but there was a patch of the prettiest marigolds planted in her yard. Then the kids approach her yard and start throwing pebbles. Then they run away with Miss Lottie yelling at them. That night, as Lizabeth listens to her parents arguing, she feels bad for Miss Lottie for once, and decides to go back to her house that night. Her brother comes along with too. As she is furiously tearing up Miss Lotties marigolds, with her brother screaming at her to stop, Miss Lottie herself comes outside and sees Lizabeth. When she looks up at Miss Lotties face, full of sadness and weariness, she sees that she had just wanted something beautiful in a patch of ugliness. That night, when she returns to bed and thinks about what she has done, she realizes she lost her innocence.
By: Maren Kleopfer